Column 6: Breaking News!

This just in: Within the last hour, three rather important pages were wiped and replaced with redirects to the dreaded Deletedpage: The talk page for the Sysop and Admin Abuse page, as well as the Abuse subpage for Sysop Conservative and its associated talk page. It sort of baffles me why this happens. One would think that any kind of organization would consider preserving records of its administrative history to be of paramount importance, not to mention an essential aspect of good management practice. One cannot shake the feeling that there is some kind of cover-up being attempted here. (Granted, Sysop Conservative’s file was big enough that saving space on the servers cannot be entirely dismissed as a motive, but still.)

(Oh yes, the archived version of User:Flippin’s user page fell for the scythe as well. One must admire the thoroughness.)

Fortunately, the deletion did not happen with the technical thoroughness that otherwise usually characterize such events on Conservapedia, so your ever-vigilant columnist has been able to preserve the latest version for posterity, just in case. (Historian’s reflexes, you see.)

Now, it may seem as though I am picking an awful lot on Sysop TK in these columns. Actually, I’m not. It’s just the case that Sysop TK happens to be responsible for a considerable number of those apparent incivilities and abuses of power that are so damaging to Conservapedia, and which it is the purpose of this blog to bring out into the open and criticize. I’d estimate that between them, Sysops TK and Conservative are probably behind (*pulls number out of air*) 50% of the newsworthy actions. The difference between the two, however, is that while Conservative’s level of activity seems to dropping somewhat, Sysop TK’s is defitely rising. (Or maybe I’m just not watching the right articles.)

In the end, of course, the entire responsibility lies with mr. Schlafly, as the owner and director of the site, and with the Conservapedia Panel, as the supposed – although apparently non-existant – final instance of arbitration of the site. In the opinion of the Column, mr. Schlafly ought to take this responsibility seriously and ensure that his representatives behave in a manner that would reflect positively on the site. I doubt that such behaviour would be accepted for long in most commercial corporations that value their professionalism and good reputation. I guess it’s a good thing for the Conservapedia management that the site doesn’t need to show a profit, so they are free to mismanage it as they like.

In other news, I recently discovered two interesting and well-written essays by User:Mtur about Conservapedia: Critique of “Liberal Quotient” and The evils of Wikipedia being repeated here. Both are highly read-worthy.

Keep watching this space, and good night, and good luck.


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