Fun fact: Saint Jerome

Did you know…

…that the fact that Saint Jerome (ca. 340-419) was not baptized until around the age of 18 or 20 means that he was not raised as a Catholic? It’s true!

To a casual observer, it might seem like this is simply a case of a Sysop pretending to know something about religious history, without actually knowing what he’s talking about, and thus anachronistically applying modern attitudes to fourth-century Christianity. However, this is Conservapedia, and as we all know, it is never easy to predict which particular reality will prevail in the end. Maybe starting tomorrow, virtually dozens of homeschoolers will be learning about how one of the most important Church Fathers was actually not raised as a Catholic.

A part of this little exchange that I particularly like is the way Sysop TK completely and summarily dismisses a valid scholarly reference which was added only half an hour before making the revert. But of course he has the Epistle to Theophilius fully memorized, and has the Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium standing on a shelf right next to the computer – right?

EDIT: This little misunderstanding has been cleared up now.


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