The Conservapedia Column was originally a small feature that I kept on my Conservapedia userpage to share certain thoughts and reservations I had about the project. After I left, I decided to keep writing the Column in the form of a blog.

The objective of the Column was then and is now to keep an eye on the management and administration of Conservapedia. This includes such aspects as the behavior of the sysops, the implementation and enforcement of the rules, and the explicit or implicit introduction of specific political viewpoints in the encyclopedic articles.

Even a brief perusal of the articles would make it seem as if I am quite hostile to Conservapedia. This is, however, not exactly the case. I think Conservapedia is a pretty good idea, and Wikipedia could certainly do with a credible and more scholarly alternative. The problem is that the current management of Conservapedia do not live up to the stated goals and principles of the project. I have much more to say on this in the Column articles, but fundamentally, I am opposed to the management and the way it runs Conservapedia, not Conservapedia itself.

Finally, I should mention that while I find Conservapedia fascinating in a number of ways, it is by no means the most important thing in my life, so the Column will be updated according to a decidedly non-rigorous schedule, i.e. whenever I feel like it and/or something interesting happens.

The Column articles are divided in different categories:

Columns are the main articles. They tend to deal with a particular issue or aspect of Conservapedia, or several different minor subjects.

News show general new items and developments about Conservapedia or related sites, rather than those that take place on Conservapedia itself.

Fun Facts are interesting and surprising (or not so surprising) small facts about Conservapedia that don’t merit a full Column but deserve mention anyway.

En Passants are the little bits and things that I come across on Conservapedia. Usually somewhat less snarky than the other categories.

Miscellaneous is the catch-all category for stuff that doesn’t fit in anywhere else.


1 Response to “About the Column”

  1. 1 PalMD June 12, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    This is still the best CP column out there…too bad others haven’t decided to stick with it, like Swift. I guess only we obsessives see the importance of it.

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